My life is shaped by the urgent need to wander and observe, and my camera is my passport

– Steve McCurry

I got my first camera, a polaroid, at age ten. I can still remember taking a photo and waiting for the magic to happen and the image to reveal itself in print. I haven't lost that sense of wonder and anticipation about photography.

For a long time I struggled to narrow my focus (pardon the pun) on one or two types of photography. But as I consider my wide collection of images, I think I understand that I see beauty, joy and art just about everywhere. And that is a gift for which I am tremendously grateful. 

Based in West Bloomfield (Oakland County), Michigan, I am primarily a portrait and event photographer. I am available for acting or social media head shots, child portraits, kids parties, sporting events, and senior photos. My fine art work includes urban environments and landscapes.